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surf movie

Changes in the surf and surfwear

The growing popularity of surfing as a sport was portrayed in the films Back famous Blanket Bingo and Gidget both produced during the sixties and this was what became the sport of choice for anyone who lived near a beach.

There was no formal training, especially since the sport was there to be enjoyed by almost anyone of any age can have a minimum of equipment and the surf was popular. A table surfing, the ability to swim and a beach is all that is required to start navigating. In your browsing history was predominantly a sport dominated by men, but as Times change we're seeing more and more women coming through the ranks in the world of surfing. There was also an increase in the amount of surf garments are produced.

From the 60 to 80 would be very rare to see many women doing water sports on the beach. Women postpone enjoy to navigate, while there were many men in the line-up, there are still some who refuse to share the waves with women. But now there are even clothes and surfboards for please women.

Please see Roxy clothes and surfboards little Trixie. Through the 60's many navigation accessories (eg wetsuits, rash guards and chain) applications was not available for surfers. For surfers heat needed to have wetsuits, because before the invention of clothing for surfers would have to bare the cold even in winter. Now surfers, as well as in the case that there is frozen water, is capable of sailing all year round and can be hot at the same time.

Made of neoprene suits tight to the skin of the surfer. The suit puts a layer of water in the trap and keeps the body warm, but also adheres to the skin. Recently, neoprene boots and gloves were available to cover all extremities, and that keeps your body warm. Quiksilver and its sister company Roxy were very happy to become part of the surfing world.

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April 9th, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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