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Surf Lessons in Maui

It is safe to say that if someone is going to Hawaii ever wants to learn to navigate this is the place. There are many unusual places to take surf lessons when on the island of Maui. My favorite is located in the town of Lahaina. Lahaina is just a short drive from the hotel and tourist Kanapali that is the short- lasting for many tourists like me. I took a four-hour lesson in this delicate little place called stupid foot. They came highly recommended by the concierge at the hotel, and I was not disappointed. The surf school requires that all students wear a rash guard, which is only a long-sleeved shirt made of neoprene.

The lycra is to safeguard the breast of the sand and wax on the table, not to mention the fact that it will look after you if you happened to be beaten by a wave of coral. The coral is common in these waters, as a matter of fact, the coral actually leads to the realization of these long waves of pleasure.

The surf school where the lycra and aqua socks as ridiculous that everyone had to go … Perhaps this is one of the reasons why they call the silly walk to school. But seriously, it is important to use Water socks, and to care for the feet of coal. The instructor also explained the importance of shallow drop deep rather than as a way stay away from the coral feared.

The next piece of paraphernalia required is the board itself. I gave this advice surf twelve feet of foam that time actually had a balance on their heads to carry. That was really the hardest part of the class. Once equipped with my surf team, was ready to hit the waves. However, my instructor stopped me short. Did I mention that the instructor is too hot? Anyway, said he had to practice on the beach a couple of times, so we did. We lay at the top of the table in the sand and pretended to row. This seems really silly to me, but who was I to argue.

At the time finally got in the water, I was ready. My instructor was very hot behind me and really pushed me into the wave. First they went to one knee, then the next thing I knew I was standing. This had a couple of minutes, but that's the beauty of these big waves of Hawaii. You have a lot of time. The waves are long and even, giving beginners long enough to really be up. Once standing, I was a force to be reckoned with. Seriously, there was no way I could control the big board, I just to celebrate and enjoy the ride.

Now, I have to say that this was not my first attempt at surfing. I have tried to reality again and again on the east coast. The waves are much shorter and less predictable. Lahaina The waves seemed to break at the same place every time. Throughout the balance of my four-hour lesson, I was browsing. I I felt like my own modern day version of Gidget.

Another great thing about feet is ridiculous surf school with a staff photographer to take pictures lessons. Unfortunately, I have documented proof of my surfing skills! It was a great experience, I believe that is only available in one of those long waves easy obtaining and waiting for you in Maui.

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