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Visit Australia for a large island

The 5.2 million tourists who visit Australia each year go there because they know they can get everything they want a destination, a rich culture, delicious food, world famous wine of Australia, wildlife, natural beauty, warm beaches, unique experiences and great shopping. Americans have been fascinated with Australia for decades. When we think of Australians, Crocodile Dundee image or the Crocodile Hunter. When we think of culture Australia, perhaps think of a boomerang, a didgeridoo, an Indiana Jones hat, vegemite sandwich, a surfer or a guest of sand. When we think of the continent Australian, it is possible that the image of the interior of Australia with kangaroos and koalas, or a stretch of beach where platypus, humpback whales and great white sharks game. No matter what your image of Australia may be, is a world class destination with a wealth of wonders!

Australia is a great getaway romantic if you both like the outdoors! It is one of the twelve "mega-diverse" representing 75% of the world's biodiversity, according Department of Environment and Climate Change. The existence of Australian animals on the island fascinates biologists, who attribute the tremendous biodiversity to being allowed to proliferate without human interference for so many years. Remember, Australia was not even a country officially declared until 1901. Not every day you can see 45 species of kangaroos jumping through the bushes, an enormous emu running with its gangly ostrich-like legs, or hear a laughing kookaburra in the tree. Some animals can only be found in the frame. The Tasmanian devil, for example, found only in Australia. A guides Australia, may be nothing to see a playful platypus, 100 varieties venomous snakes, 56 species of parrots, a koala or a wild dingo, but travelers are always a little puzzled by the sudden appearance of animals that had only previously seen on television or at the zoo. The bush and the outback of Australia are unique experiences, so try to arrange a four-wheel drive route to take Australia's wildlife, outdoors !

Visit to Australia to see natural wonders. The Great Barrier Reef next to the town party Carins is the best place for diving in the world. Backpackers can take an "introductory dive" with a tour company for $ 75 AUD per trip. For a more in-depth view that outside the typical route, have your diving license and a good amount of cash to get a private boat. Another natural wonder is Uluru, also called "Ayers Rock." The Australian Aboriginal Anangu people that this 348-meters, which changes color rock is sacred and power is located in Kata Tjuta National Park, where you can travel many different paths. Third, in Monkey Mia you have the opportunity to feed the wild dolphins in Shark Bay, an area of ​​World Heritage. Also, Queensland Daintree Rainforest (the oldest in the world) is home to 30% the frog in the nation, marsupials and reptiles, 65% of bats and butterfly species, and 20% of the birds of the country. These are just some of the wonders naturally occurring aware of a holiday in Australia. Australia also has some of the best trips, tours and "Little Sahara" desert region.

Visiting Australia for a road trip in good condition. Do not miss the Stuart Highway road trip to Australia, and virtually no speed limit as the highway of Germany, the landscape is miles and miles of red sand desert land, the garbage objects nostalgic journey and you can see, even foxes bats flying in the trees of disputes in Mataranka Thermal Baths stop. Another great adventure is the Great Ocean Road drive from Melbourne to Port Phillip Bay, Bell's Beach, Torquay, Airey Entry, Apollo Bay, Otway Fly and Loch Ard Gorge. You will see the surfboard, kangaroos and jungle canyons along the way to make your memorable trip. A third road trip you might want to take away is the quadrant south of Australia, from Perth to Bunbury and Yallingup through the wine region Margaret River. Gothic Cathedrals and the giant trees, organic food and beach towns all you meet on your trip and do not forget the wine routes from Australia! While driving is not much of a vacation for some units will take around the coastal regions of Australia are transcendental.