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HD Skate / BMX / surfing video cameras?

I am looking for an HD camcorder. has to be durable, because I skate my friends a bmx and surfing. must have a fisheye lens that suits your camera, plus they want to have a waterproof case capable of adjusting the camera. of course it has to be in a decent price range. i will not accept more than $ 1000. I have this Panasonic camera, but there was no cable needed to connect the camera to the computer. I guess u have to buy separately … so I'd like beasured all camera cables are included. and my friend has a JVC camera, but the need u download a special converter to your computer so that videos can fit into Windows Movie Maker. and we're not out two things as downloadable on our computers to parents. so you have to stay longer with the computer in Much thanks

Canon HG20 AVCHD camcorder's hard disk drive sets a new standard for high definition optimum quality of image delivery, long shooting times along with the extraordinary ease and versatility when viewing video on television or a computer. Capture amazing HD video with more detail and color reproduction with its innovative capacity of 24 Mbps, and the addition of a slot SDHC card with video capability, plus 60 GB internal extended hard drive now allows you to record up to 22 hours of video on the internal hard drive so there is no need worrying about the lack of space. And, like all Canon VIXIA camcorders, the HG20 features: a Canon HD video lens, Full HD CMOS sensor Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV II image processor. Create the look of Hollywood movies with the 24p Cinema Mode and even use Canon's select Photo grabbing function to capture video images previously recorded. If online video posting and sharing interests you, the HG20 30p mode provides the perfect frame rate the web and offers a clear fast-action subjects. The HG20 offers a unique combination of image stabilizer Canon's exclusive Optical stabilization SuperRange a wide range of movements and Instant AF for precise focusing criticism when shooting in HD. The HG20 features the latest HD technology, excellence in Canon optics and engineering in a compact and elegant design that delivers the high level of performance we have come to expect from Canon. $ 648.00 + shipping Free

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August 5th, 2011 at 7:46 pm